The 2023 Compensation Report: Law Firms

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Compensation packages usually seek to balance financial realities against the need to attract top talent — resulting in a wide range of dollar values at law firms across the U.S.

More than 850 lawyers participated in Law360 Pulse's inaugural survey, which asked about their compensation, billable hours, billing rates, originations and more.

We broke down the results by position and firm size to show you what lawyers were making last year and where the high and low points for their earnings lay.

The survey also found that lawyers are generally satisfied with their pay — although, despite often generous packages, only a small portion said their firms were fully transparent about pay structures, and most are working long hours.

Check out our analysis of these and other findings in the coverage below.

A Deep Dive Into Law360 Pulse's Survey Of Law Firm Pay

Compensation at law firms across the U.S. can vary widely even with a competitive market for talent, with firm size, partnership status and gender all contributing to differences in pay, according to a new report out Tuesday.

Could Pay Transparency Boost Associate Satisfaction?

Law firms that try to keep their pay structure secret might only be fostering discontent among their associates. So suggests mounting evidence, including a new survey that has found associates who are dissatisfied with their compensation are more inclined to say their firms lack transparency about pay.

Navigating Origination Credit As An Associate

While a sizable portion of attorneys say their firms offer compensation to associates for bringing in new business, relatively few associates actually reap such rewards, according to a new survey.

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