The 2023 Law360 400

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For the 10th year in a row, Law360 is pleased to announce our list of the 400 largest U.S. firms by headcount.

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2022 was another banner year of growth for the Law360 400, with two of the top 10 firms bolstering their headcounts by well over 10% and the largest firm landing just shy of 3,000 lawyers. The largest 200 continued to expand at a steady clip, and smaller and midsize firms outpaced their growth rates of the year before. Client demand has since slowed, but so far, BigLaw has seen only a handful of layoffs, with experts predicting more subdued progress but no crisis in the months ahead.

The Law360 400: Tracking The Largest US Law Firms

The war for talent raged on into 2022 even as business in some areas began to slow, with law firms bolstering their ranks as well as their strategies for weathering the economic headwinds.

A Need To Be Big: US Law Firms Kept Feet On Gas In 2022

The 400 largest law firms in the U.S. saw continued growth last year, outpacing 2021's headcount additions, with surges in hiring among midsize firms accounting for a meaningful portion of the increases, according to the most recent Law360 ranking.

10 Years Of The 10 Biggest US Firms

Jones Day, Morgan Lewis and Greenberg Traurig all had a taste of being No. 1 before ceding that spot to Kirkland. Watch the top 10 of the Law360 400 evolve from 2014 to 2023.

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