The 2024 Summer Associates Survey

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On-campus interview week is one of the most stressful experiences law students can undergo, as they bid for and meet the firms that could launch and shape their futures. Law360 Pulse's survey takes the measure of where they are at this moment in time.

Firms were exceptionally selective in 2024, with many rolling back their summer associate programs amid a cool down in the market for junior hires. Many were also looking to land the brightest talent at the earliest possible point — in some instances, ahead of OCI.

We found a lot of anxiety among this year's cohort as to whether they'd be offered a job at the end, above and beyond any worries about whether they'd be up to the work itself. But students seemed to want to hit the ground running, with comparatively few showing an interest in fully remote work, and practice area and location remaining top draws.

We will continue to follow these trends in the second installment of the survey, which is set to go out in late summer and will explore students' social and work experiences at firms.

These Firms Are Where Summers Want To Work

Concerns and anxieties about future job prospects continue to arise among law students as they find themselves facing reduced success in securing interviews for sought-after summer associateships this year, according to Law360 Pulse's 2024 Summer Associate Survey.

Law Firms Roll Back Summer Programs In Tight Legal Market

Law firms that can't find enough work for the deluge of prospective and newly minted attorneys already on their hands are tightening their pipelines for new talent this season, rolling back their summer associate positions for 2024, according to legal industry experts.

What Are Summer Associates Saying?

Law360 Pulse asked prospective summer associates about how their top-choice firms distinguished themselves from their peers. Here are some of the ways.

Expert Analysis

How Firms Can Effectively Evaluate Their Summer Associates

One of the most effective ways firms can ensure their summer associate programs are a success is by engaging in a timely and meaningful evaluation process and being intentional about when, how and by whom feedback should be provided.

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